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Common Core standards are the national standards adopted by 47 states.


iPad Applications – Common Core
Education Galaxy on your iPad is a fun and engaging experience for students. Teachers and Parents have the peace of mind that students are working on the exact standards set by state and national standards. Click on any app below to go directly to Apple’s app store to learn more.


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2nd Grade Math App
2nd Grade
Common Core Math
3rd Grade Math App
3rd Grade
Common Core Math
4th Grade Math App
4th Grade
Common Core Math
5th Grade Math App
5th Grade
Common Core Math
6th Grade Math App
6th Grade
Common Core Math
7th Grade Math App
7th Grade
Common Core Math
8th Grade Math App
8th Grade
Common Core Math
iPad Applications – Common Core Math Apps
Education Galaxy provides a unique learning experience on the iPad. Our iPad math apps are built specifically to Common Core State Standards and help assess where students are strong and where they are struggling. Galaxy Stars and Alien Cards offer real time rewards for students and help engage them into their learning experience. Add up to 25 students on each app and allow them to manage their own personalized study plan!