Built Specifically for Elementary School Students
Education Galaxy is built to help build mastery towards state standards and prepare students for high stakes testing. We designed Education Galaxy to provide a unique and engaging environment for young learners. Your students will love Education Galaxy because it is fun. Teachers will love Education Galaxy because it is effective and easy to use.

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Online Assessment Done Right!
Education Galaxy combines great content with an engaging platform for students to practice their state standards or Common Core. Teachers provide each student with a unique ID to work from. When students complete their work, teachers can pull comprehensive reports to know exactly where each student needs help and where they are doing well.
Great Content Built 100% to State Standards
All questions in Education Galaxy are built from the ground up to fit both Common Core standards or Texas STAAR standards for Texas schools. Have peace of mind knowing that we are not simply repackaging old content into new standards! We take great care and pride in building every question specifically to each standard.
Engaging Student Solutions Make Learning Fun
Education Galaxy delivers engaging content in a fun online learning environment. We provide a platform that allows students to progress throughout the year so that the program stays exciting and never boring. Students earn Galaxy Stars, play games, increase Alien Rankings, and can collect up to 22 total rockets. Our games and rewards enhance learning and never distract.
Individualized Learning Plans
Every student is unique and learns different concepts at a different pace. We make the student experience unique for each child so that they can spend their time on standards that they need the most help with. Students take a diagnostic test to help build their learning plans and provide teachers with valuable data for each child.
Easily Share Resources with Students and Teachers
Share documents, video links, lesson plans, worksheets, web links, web games, and more. Hundreds of valuable resources are sorted by specific standards to make them easy to find and share for students and teachers.
Comprehensive Reporting That’s Easy to Use
Education Galaxy’s reporting tools allow you to quickly pull reports by student, class, subject, or grade level to evaluate the strengths and areas of need for your students. Quickly and accurately identify what standards need the most attention in your classroom or specific items of need for struggling learners.
Over 15,000 Questions. And Counting…
We are constantly adding new and exciting questions to our database. Access our large library of questions to build custom assessments or printable worksheets or simply allow students to work from their individualized learning plans.

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