Liftoff Adaptive Intervention

Adaptive Intervention
Adaptive Intervention for At-Risk Students


Struggling learners need extra support. Liftoff will build confidence for your at-risk students and provide the support and instruction they need to improve. First, students take an adaptive diagnostic to determine their level on a variety of skills. Once their level is determined, students work at that level and quickly elevate to more difficult concepts. Our Alien Explanations provide immediate instructional videos for every missed question. Games, collectible rockets, and alien rankings, make Liftoff fun and engaging for students. At Risk Students


Find Each Student’s Level – Then Quickly Build Mastery Towards Grade Level


Liftoff uses our unique testing engine to provide an initial adaptive diagnostic to pinpoint a student’s level on a variety of skills. Once we determine your student’s level, a learning plan is created that will allow the student to start at their level, then quickly work their way to grade level. Our unique Alien Explanations help students master difficult concepts and quickly progress. engaging students


Our Video Alien Explanations Provide Deep Instructional Support Like Never Before


Most online programs fail at providing adequate or helpful feedback to students after they miss questions. Many programs offer text based feedback that students rarely read and quickly ignore. Our revolutionary Alien Explanations provide video explanations for every single question that is specific to that question. This provides drill-down instruction to the very basic skills the students are struggling with. With Liftoff, your students will quickly master concepts because their instruction is tailored to them. Reward Student Achievements


Liftoff is Curiously Fun and Highly Engaging to Students


Keeping a student engaged with the same program throughout the course of an entire school year can be challenging. That is why we allow the student to progress through the program with lots of rewards. Our collectible rockets allow students to continue to earn rewards as they master skills. The rockets can be used in all of the student games.
Engaging Students


Even the questions are Engaging!


It’s not just games and rewards. We make our questions engaging too. We don’t like those boring questions with ugly clip art and subject matter that kids don’t care about. We put special care to make sure our questions are built to each specific standard and that the question is the right fit for each age group. Our questions are fun, silly, relevant, and amazingly effective. Engaging Questions