Online Assessment

Online Assessment for Grades 1-8


Education Galaxy provides online assessment and practice for students in Grades 1-8 to help build mastery towards state and national standards. Our unique online program is easy to use and enjoyable for both teachers and students. Students work on their Study Plans practicing important concepts while teachers pull formative assessment reports to identify the strengths and weaknesses of their classroom and individual students.


Student Study Plans


Every student receives their own personalized Study Plan that allows them to see exactly how they are performing in each individual standard. Students can work self-paced, or teacher directed. Students work through their Study Plans to earn rewards and show mastery. StudyPlan450x370


Rewarding Student Progress


Education Galaxy rewards students for making progress towards their Study Plan. For each standard mastered, students earn Galaxy Stars. Galaxy Stars can be used to improve a student’s Alien Ranking and collect Alien Cards. Students will stay engaged with Education Galaxy and will enjoy working from home or school. AlienCard450x370


Online Questions with Immediate Feedback


Students can take formative online assessments and recieve immediate feedback when questions are answered incorrectly. Students must first get the correct answer before moving to the next question. When sessions are complete, students are given a full summary of their work and can even go back through missed questions. Questoin450x370


Comprehensive Reporting for Teachers


Teachers can easily pull different reports filtered either by student, class, grade level, subject or school. Reports allow teachers to quickly find areas that students are doing well in and areas that require more instruction. Use individual student reports to help with parent teacher conferences or student progress reports. Untitled-3

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