Parent Solutions


Education Galaxy provides the perfect learning experience for your child. National Common Core standards and Texas STAAR are increasing the importance of standardized testing results across the country. Education Galaxy helps your child prepare for state test while working on the exact same learning standards that are taught in the classroom.

Personalized Student Study Plans


Each child receives their own personalized Study Plan that allows them to see exactly how they are performing in each individual standard. Students can work self-paced or parent directed. Students work through their Study Plans to earn rewards and show mastery. Students collect Galaxy Stars to increase their Alien Ranking and earn their own Alien Cards. StudyPlan450x370


Education Galaxy is Curiously Fun!


Students can’t wait to “play” Education Galaxy! While Education Galaxy is fun, students must earn their rewards and game time. We reward students for success throughout the school year to keep them engaged while rewarding their progress of mastering standards. Answering questions correctly during study time allows them to play mini games. Mastering concepts provides them Galaxy Stars that are used to unlock rockets for their games and to improve their Alien Ranking. Galaxy Cards show absolute mastery! Untitled-3


Content Built to Your State Standards


All question and content items were built specifically to Common Core State Standards or to Texas STAAR standards for residents of Texas. Many popular home studying programs offer generic content that is not based on specific state or national standards. This means that students are learning different material than is taught in the classroom and actually can put your child further behind. With Education Galaxy, have peace of mind knowing that your child is practicing the same content taught in the classroom. StudyPlan450x370

Did we mention that Education Galaxy is affordable? We offer parent accounts for only $4.99 per subject!