Curiously Fun



We take learning seriously!   Well… sort of…


Learning does not have to be boring! When students become engaged, they become successful learners. We created Education Galaxy to help students master their state standards and to have fun while doing it.  We provide many games and rewards that enhance the learning process without distracting the student. With Education Galaxy in your classroom, your students will beg for more! Built for STAAR Testing


Alien Cards Reward Students for Mastering Standards


Education Galaxy rewards students for making progress towards their Study Plan. For each  standard mastered, students earn Galaxy Stars. Galaxy Stars can be used to improve a student’s Alien Ranking and to collect Alien Cards. Can your students unlock all the Galaxy Cards? Texas STAAR Preparation Study Plan


Game play that enhances learning. No distractions here!


Allow your students to try “Game Mode” during study time to provide access to high quality games they will love. Education Galaxy’s games are embedded into the assessments as a quick reward for answering questions correctly. Students can score more points by answering questions correctly. Our games enhance student learning rather than distract. Reward Student Achievements


Students Earn Rockets and Play with Them in Games


Keeping a student engaged with the same program throughout the course of an entire school year can be challenging. That is why we allow the student to progress through the program with lots of rewards. Our collectable rockets allow students to continue to earn rewards as they master standards. The rockets can be used in all of the student games.
STAAR Practice Questions


Even the questions are Engaging!


It’s not just games and rewards. We make our questions engaging too. We don’t like those boring questions with ugly clip art and subject matter that kids don’t care about. We put special care to make sure our questions are built to each specific standard and that the question is the right fit for each age group. Our questions are fun, silly, relevant, and amazingly effective. Custom STAAR Benchmarks