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Engaged Learning = Successful Learners

Education Galaxy’s program is highly engaging and curiously fun for students. This make your job so much easier. Your students will want to learn and will take their own learning in their hands. Learn how in this informative webinar!

Available Times:

►August 28th, 10:00am CST   sign up here
►August 30th, 11:00am CST  sign up here
►September 3rd, 9:00am CST  sign up here
►September 5th, 2:00pm CST  sign up here

Education Galaxy Webinar


New Account Training Session

This session is perfect for teachers who are just getting started with Education Galaxy. We will provide a complete overview of the program and assist with tips for getting started:

►August 28th, 10:00am CST   sign up here
►August 30th, 11:00am CST  sign up here
►September 3rd, 9:00am CST  sign up here
►September 5th, 2:00pm CST  sign up here