LiftOff – Adaptive Intervention

Liftoff Adaptive Intervention for At-Risk Students Liftoff Adaptive Intervention for At-Risk Students

Recover Learning Loss

LiftOff is an adaptive intervention program that supports instruction by targeting specific academic standards in vertical alignment for math and reading that have occurred due to learning loss and recovers those academic gaps.


Differentiated Learning for All Instructional Levels

Education Galaxy’s program LiftOff is a Math and Reading supplemental intervention that provides practice and instruction in a highly-engaging learning environment.

LiftOff recovers learning loss that has occurred by finding the students learning level through a diagnostics assessment and then students can begin to work on their own individualized learning plan.

LiftOff supports elementary and middle schools students (grades 2-8).


Support the COVID Slide All Year Long

LiftOff helps support the COVID slide all year through identifying specific instructional standards immediately so teachers can begin intervention so no instructional time is wasted.
Students can easily track their goals and progress overtime to support student accountability and academic growth.


Differentiate Instruction for Individualized Learning Needs

LiftOff motivates students to answer questions correctly and to master topics by providing both instant and long-term rewards.

  • Immediate Feedback:
    • When students miss a problem, our revolutionary Alien Explanations provide them with immediate VIDEO feedback that is specific to the problem they missed.
  • Language Support:
    • We also differentiate through our English and Spanish language support. Teachers can support language learners and their families to meet their individual learning needs.
  • Text To Speech:
    • Teachers can also support specific learning needs through our text-to-speech support.


Data Driven Progress Monitoring

Our dynamic reports make it easy for educators to accurately progress monitor and target specific instructional areas of focus to best differentiate and support learning loss that has occurred over time. LiftOff provides teachers and interventionists with a variety of reports to help them monitor their students’ progress and assist in planning small group instruction.


NWEA MAP Integration

LiftOff also integrates with the NWEA MAP! Once students take their Beginning of the Year MAP assessment, you can import your students RIT scores into LiftOff.

Our LiftOff program will:

  • Fine tune each student’s skill gaps with a focused specific diagnostic assessment tailored to each student that is reduced and targeted
  • Determine each student’s level of proficiency within a set of vertically aligned topics and skills in math and reading


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